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Woman Relaxing


Water Element represents the emotions we feel, our journey through life, our map to explore, and healing from the past. It relates to communication, resourcefulness and the flow of our path. Water element is in constant flow… it can be a slow and steady stream and can also be a destructive tsunami. Regardless of the flow, it reminds us to expect change and movement on our journey and to go with the flow of life.

In relation to the deck, The Water Element represent emotions, gut feeling, and intuition. Water gives us feelings which can range from pure, to intense, to spiritual in nature. Water is an elusive element, and is often responsible for the flow and/or rip-roaring rapids in our lives. In the same way that water can be powerful enough to carve into rock and gentle enough to cleanse and purify, matters of the heart can be intense and tender. The Water Element is about intuition, relationships, and empathy.

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