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For the last 20+ years, I’ve worked with clients as a Tarot Reader, Mystic Shaman, Intuitive Guide, Empowerment Coach, and Energy Healer.


My sacred work has taken me all over the United States and internationally, for sacred offerings, ceremonies and studies - including Canada, Peru, Bolivia, and most recently in my motherland, the Philippines.

I'm a teacher and mentor for my students and clients, and I'm also a student of life - as I truly believe that we all have infinite opportunities for growth and evolution, life lessons, and improvement.


I have been guided to pursue my life calling and help my clients in the best way I can. I have been led to learn different methods to teach, heal, and serve with the highest intention. My mission is to provide impeccable service with integrity, inspiration, and truth. 


I absolutely LOVE working with my clients and creating an intimate, sacred space, with the goal of leading you to transformation and enlightenment.


In February 2020, I spent a month travelling in the Philippines, learning about my ancestral heritage, and studying with powerful indigenous shamans and mystics. This is where the inspiration for creating the Mystic Goddess Sigils Tarot deck was born.

The tarot cards that I created are my own unique designs, and are inspired by my travels in the Philippines, my studies in Peru & Bolivia, and by my own reflection, life lessons, and experiences.  The creation of this deck was also directly guided throughout the design process by my spirit allies and ancestors. 

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